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Australian Musicians and Music Resources

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  Australia has a reputation for its exceptional talent in the world of entertainment. Australia's musical talent is especially highly regarded.
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From time to time extra articles and thoughts by musicians, singers and others will be published or linked here.

The Music In Your Brain - ABC Radio - All In The Mind


Lynne Malcolm

Lynne Malcolm

  The Music In Your Brain
Music has a universally powerful effect on human beings. We explore how the human brain perceives music, how composers exploit our instinctive reaction to it and the relationship between music and emotion. Meet a recording engineer turned neuroscientist and a gifted composer who inspired Oliver Sacks to investigate and write about music and our brains.
Musical Curiosities
Musical oddities, curious phenomena, medical conditions, scientific discoveries, etc., all within the realm of music.

Reggie Watts builds a synthesizer bit by bit
A Synthesizer made from little bits. Reggie Watts demonstrates a do-it-yourself synth kit made by toy company LittleBits. Here he is interviewed by Ira Flatow at NPR Science Friday
Listen: or listen here.

See him on Youtbe here

Hans Reichel's invention, the Daxophone
The Daxophone is a somewhat comical sounding instrument of the friction idiophone category invented by Hans Reichel. It consists of a thin wooden blade fixed in a wooden block, which is played by bowing or by being struck or plucked. The vibrations are amplified by contact mics. A wide range of voice-like timbres can be produced, either as fixed pitches on the fretted side of the block, or in a more fluid glissando style on the smooth side.
Listen to the Daxophone-->>
See it demonstrated on youtube  


Music Industry News

Music Career Wiki 
The Music Career wiki has been developed by the Music Council of Australia, the peak body for music in Australia. It aims to provide information to anyone involved or interested in music-related careers. The site gathers a range of information about careers in music and acts as a portal to resources and information elsewhere on the internet.
Goto http://www.musiccareer.com.au

LiveScene iPhone App 
Founded in Brisbane, LiveScene was created to help people discover and promote live events with others. Our product which is an iPhone App, is free for users. The LiveScene iPhone app will be your one-stop shop for the more than 1,000 Australian bands. Goto www.livesceneapp.com
The Australian Jazz Real Book
Tim Nikolosky has taken on the arduous task of putting together a Real Book of Australian jazz compositions. He is transcribing all the submissions he receives. This is an enormous job for one person so well done and good luck Tim.
If you'd like to suggest some great jazz compositions that you feel should appear in the book you may contact Tim via his website here.
If you'd like to see what stage he has reached in this project watch his latest update on youtube here.
Jazz videos, Australian and international, from YouTube.
There are heaps more jazz videos being uploaded to YouTube all the time. If you come across one that you think we all should see, please send a link. i.e. Copy and Paste the web address to here and send it to us.
Musicians and Bands - Create an online portfolio. Present yourself professionally - Send a link to agents and prospective employers. Sort and archive photographs, posters, images and video of those big gigs, and your gig itinerary. Archive Ambition can do it for you or provide the tools for you to organize it yourself.
Musician Jokes

  Do you know a good musician's joke?
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Do you want to show the world your talent? 
You just need a youtube account and a web camera. Go to http://www.TheStage.tv , a world wide open mic website POWERED BY YouTube, welcoming talented musicians/singers to perform anytime 24/7 for a live world wide audience. Contests and weekly showcases. Bring your friends to cheer you on!

Jazz Ear Training  
Learning how to play jazz music primarily takes place on the bandstand, but since being recognized as an intricate art form, jazz programs have been shooting up in colleges and universities throughout the world. Here are some exercises to help you learn to identify chords and intervals, recognize notes over chords, and much more.
Australian Internet Radio
Australian musicians, would you like guaranteed air time for a track from your CD. Send your CD to Australian Internet Radio's new station "DAIR" and they guarantee until 30/6/09 that everyone who sends them music will get at least one song added to their playlist. They play only Australian and NZ music (recorded from 2000 onwards). Listen live via Windows Media Player or Itunes or WinAmp.
For more info visit their website or contact them now on... info@australianinternetradio.com
Hear Australian Music
Hear samples of tracks from Australian Music CDs
 Music News
Music news feeds from around the world provided by Digg and feeds categorised by music genre from About.com and Fresh Content.
Music Classified Ads
Are you a musician looking for work? Do you need to sell some musical equipment? Are you looking for musical instrument or equipment for your home studio? Do you need your equipment repaired?
Try our Music Classifieds. It's totally free to advertise!

Musician Tools
Musical Terminology
Learn the meaning of the descriptive terms used
in musical compositions.

 Key Signatures

 A graphic demonstration of
 the Circle of Fifths. Learn or
 revise the key signatures.
Buy Musical stuff online
An easy way to find musical items for sale through online sellers like eBay, Amizon, JB Hi-Fi, Sanity, ABC Shop, and others.
 Local Weather
Got an outdoor event coming up shortly and need a weather forecast?
Choose the Australian state then choose the city closest to the location for a forecast for the next 7 days.
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